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Disposable Adjustable Dog Respirator Mask

Our dog respirator mas designed dog's mouth shapes for all dogs. This dog protective mask is made from great quality non-woven fabric materials that are eco-friendly, non-irritating, comfortable and breathable, which keep your pets healthy and safe.

With the adjustable strap, this dog respirator mas can adjust the length according to the dog's mouth, fit the dog's mouth shape, You don't have to worry about blocking the dog's sight. This dog muzzle protective mask features an innovative air exhaust valve that makes your dog easy release exhaled air, moisture, and heat from panting.

This adjustable dog respirator mask is a great quality air filter for your pets, which can effectively protect your dogs from smog, dust, pollen, PM2.5, coronavirus, car exhaust, toxic gases in the air, pathogenic microorganisms. We offer a good variety of disposable dog respirator masks in all sizes of your choice. Our customers are all over the world, our dog respirator mas is very popular since they come out. Welcome to your purchase.

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Purchased best price wholesale items from our manufacturer.

my products are sold in a wide range, such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore so on.



Give your dog a safe and healthy environment When you with your dogs travel everywhere. Our dog respirator mask can effectively prevent smog, automobile exhaust, coronavirus, industrial exhaust, pollen, pathogenic microorganisms and prevent dogs from licking food on the floor. Our dog protective mask has different sizes to created for all dogs to uniquely fit the shape of a dog muzzle, which protects your dogs from air pollution, among other risks.

Function and purpose of wholesale dog respirator mask:
With high-quality non-woven fabric materials, this dog muzzle protective mask is safe, BPA-free, eco-friendly, and non-toxic, which provides a comfortable and breathable environment for your dogs.
This adjustable dog respirator mask features dog muzzle shape design that fits around the mouth, which helps to prevent any breathing discomforts and vision blockage so that this dog muzzle protective mask increases safety and comfort.
With an innovative air exhaust valve, This dog muzzle protective mask effectively releases exhaled air, moisture, and heat from panting for your dog. This dog respirator mask can protect your dogs from air pollution and breathe easily.
With an adjustable strap, you can adjust according to your dog's mouth, our disposable dog muzzle protective mask offers a varies of sizes perfect for all small, middle, large dogs.
This disposable dog respirator mask is an air filter specifically designed for all dogs, Which protect your dog from smog, automobile exhaust, industrial exhaust, pollen, pathogenic microorganisms, second-hand smoke, mold, dust, smog, pollen, chemicals, and toxins.
Our wholesale dog respirator mask is sold in a wide range, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore so on.
Our lowest price adjustable dog respirator mask is mainly wholesale, retail and bulk. Due to we have our own manufacturers, so you can buy cheap and best price dog protective mask online on dogmalls.

Package Contents: 1* dog respirator mask.
Material: High-quality, light-weight, durable, safe and eco-friendly non-woven fabric.
Size: S: 24*7cm, M: 26*8cm.
Color: White.
Weight: 12g.
Design: dog muzzle shape.
Used for: small, middle, large dog, pup.
1. A dog with respiratory illness or respiratory tract sensitivity.
2. Pups and older dogs.
3. In the weather with poor air quality, wear when going out.
4. The dog with allergies.
5. It is recommended to wear when going out for medical treatment.
6. It is recommended to wear it when going out during the pollen season and coronavirus.
Style: dog respiratory mask, breathing masks for dogs,
face mask for dogs, mask for dogs, dog air masks, dog dust mask, respirator mask for pets.
Tips: Manual measuring, please allow 1 ~ 3mm error. due to light and the display resolution and other reasons, images and objects may have a slight color difference, please take it in kind.


Good purchase!Review by Wright
Our pup is our 4 legged daughter. We love her and therefore we think of her as part of us. Summer allergies are coming so we decided to jump ahead by ordering her masks.
(Posted on 4/24/2020)
A good mask.Review by McGrady
A good mask. Awesome purchase, an absolute must-have! Pets are family too and they also need to be protected.
(Posted on 4/24/2020)
Bought this for my little dog. Review by atial Viz
Bought this for my little dog. my dog like it
(Posted on 4/24/2020)
It fits well.Review by Mdefbu
It fits well. My dog not a fan but I think it helps him.
(Posted on 4/24/2020)
my puppy very likes it.Review by koikara
I bought this product for my puppy. my puppy very likes it. (Posted on 4/14/2020)

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